Disposable Filter Clearance Sale

Author: Shop Endless   Date Posted:22 February 2017 

The Disposable Range of spa filters has been discontinued and are heavily discounted to clear. 
If you purchase these filters be sure to read below to ensure correct use:  

Disposable filter cartridges are designed to be thrown away and replaced every 3-4 months
A disposable filter will save time on maintenance, as they do not require cleaning.

The disposable filter will perform the same as regular washable filters, such as; remove contaminates, clean up residue left after heavy use and trap organics before they multiply, ultimately reducing the sanitizers needed to keep the spa water clean.

Which filters should you use – washable or disposable? 

  • Deciding between washable and disposable filters is a choice you will need to make yourself.
  • Many of our customers trial before deciding which is better for their spa usage and lifestyle.
  • Spa users with a busy lifestyle prefer the disposable filter because they never require the maintenance that washable filters require.
  • Disposable filters may not be suitable for heavy bather use as the filter life can be significantly decreased when the spa usage is high.  
  • Washable filters in the long run are cheaper, however there is more maintenance required.
  • Washable filters need to be regularly cleaned and should be soaked in a filter cleaner on a regular basis. (When using Poppits chemicals, filters should be chemically cleaned every week. Alternatively with chlorine and bromine it is recommended they be chemically cleaned every few months or more regularly during periods of heavy usage)

The key to successful use is disposing of these filters within 4 months! 

The clearance sale is on now - limited stock available, and offer only available while stock last. Start Shopping Now

Please note: The disposable range of filters will not be available once stock runs out. 

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