Traditional Spa Systems - Should I use Chlorine or Bromine in My Spa?

Author: Endless Staff   Date Posted:19 July 2016 

All spas require a sanitizer to keep bacteria from growing in warm water. The most commonly used chemical is chlorine which keeps the spa water at safe levels for bathers.

In addition to chlorine, Bromine is another popular sanitizer which basically does the same thing. However, because bromine does not “gas off” at higher temperatures there are fewer odours in a hot spa when using this chemical.

Whether you use chlorine or bromine is up to you, though you must use one. Chlorine comes in the form of tablets or granules. Bromine is popular as it does not produce the odors that chlorine can be known for. Bromine comes in the form of tablets or granules also.

If your spa uses the Nature 2 Silver stick, then you must use Chlorine as your sanitizer.  If your spa is a salt water system (an auto-dosing system that produces chlorine from salt crystals) then chlorine or bromine is ok to use.

Another consideration when choosing which sanitizer is best for your spa is the costs involved.  Bromine tends to be a little bit more expensive than Chlorine.

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